Our line of hot and cold snares features effective cutting wires and user-friendly handles - at cost-effective prices.

Dedicated Cold Snares

If you don't think you have the budget for a dedicated cold snare, think again. Our cold snares are priced competitively with hot snares, giving you an effective, efficient and economic solution for resecting diminutive polyps.

  • Diamond-shaped loop and flexible wire capture smaller polyps with ease
  • Thin 0.22mm cutting wire provides a guillotine cut that reduces the force needed to complete the resection

Hot Snares

Our hot snares feature a special braided wire that combines the tissue acquisition features of a firm snare with the flexibility and smooth deployment of a soft snare.

  • Dedicated power connection permits unrestricted movement and rotation of the snare handle
  • Shorter throw handle provides improved comfort for users with smaller hands


  • Special pouch design allows for quick extraction
  • Releases foreign objects and specimens easier than netted pouches
  • Gentle - leaves specimens intact


  • Quick and easy connection to suction and endoscope
  • 4-chamber design for multiple samples
  • Indexing and classification permits accurate identification of each polyp